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Products and Services

Integrated System Integrated System
Praetorian intelligent surveillance system, empowers users to see the total picture, understand real-time surveillance information, and act preemptively to stop or contain emerging threats. [pdf] [html]
CPS Camera Placement Service
 Rapidly and easily simulates camera placement for optimal surveillance coverage, and calibrates the cameras to a three-dimensional (3D) model for use in Video Flashlight™. [pdf] [html]
VA VisionAlert™:
Vision-based alarms that have been utilized by the U.S. military and other clients for over 15 years. They detect motion, breach, and left-behind objects. The alerts from these alarms are integrated into Video Flashlight™ and Hawk™. [pdf] [html]
Hawk Hawk™:
A virtual command center that integrates disparate sites into a single monitoring station. Operators can monitor sites worldwide and direct guards at those facilities to events occurring hundreds, even thousands, of miles away in real time. [pdf] [html]
VFL Video Flashlight™:
Renders multiple live video and sensor inputs onto a single real-time, immersive 3D display, giving you high situational awareness. [pdf] [html]
Remote Flashlight Remote Flashlight
Provides users the ability to access and control Video Flashlight™, remotely from a PDA, laptop or workstation.[pdf] [html]


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