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Safety Solutions

Throughout the world, critical safety issues press on the well-being of individuals and large groups in virtually every area of every country. 

The implications and liabilities for nations, communities, corporations, and individuals in terms of humanity and financial interests can be daunting.

Praetorian’s leading-edge Intelligent Surveillance Solutions bring a new level of safety support to these individuals and groups.  Its user-friendliness, ability to show entire events in real time, and superior forensics analysis are the “extra staff” that executives, managers, security directors, police, and first-responders can count on to maximize safety for their constituencies.

As an open-architecture, scalable and integrated surveillance solution featuring the world’s only single-screen 3D immersive view, Praetorian allows operators to see the total picture, and understand real-time threat or situation, so they can act preemptively to stop or contain emerging threats. 

Praetorian improves safety by providing:

Praetorian provides executives, managers, security directors, police, and first-responders: superior situational awareness of potential threats; improved response capabilities that minimize operational and training costs and reduce liability and risk of theft/loss; and, ultimately a much safer environment to benefit individuals and organizations alike.

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