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Security Solutions

The world’s downtowns, airports, train stations, stadiums, seaports, public venues, office buildings, universities, casinos, and other high-value locations have increasingly become crime scenes and terrorist targets.  Recent history holds numerous examples of security breaches – and near-catastrophes -- in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

Today, executives, managers, security directors, police, and first-responders know video surveillance systems are necessary to help protect employees, customers, the general population, and property. Unfortunately, legacy systems are limited in their user-friendliness, ability to show the entire event in real time, and functionality in conducting timely forensic   analysis. Praetorian consolidates these disparate technologies into a single-screen 3D interface, providing superior situational awareness. 

Praetorian allows operators to see the total picture, and understand real-time threats, so they can act preemptively to stop or contain emerging threats.  Praetorian’s open-architecture, scalable softwate improves security by providing:

Praetorian dramatically improves situational awareness of potential threats, improves response capabilities that minimize operational and training costs, reduce liability and risk of theft/loss, and ultimately improves security.


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