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Camera Placement Service

  Camera Placement Service T Benefits:

  • Using a highly advanced and unique software, validates the number and type of cameras required for comprehensive surveillance
  • Reduces the labor hours used in planning video surveillance
  • Can be used on new buildings as well as retrofi tting facilities that have existing CCTV systems
  • Reduces cost to the user by determining that supplies ordered are correct and minimized.
CPS Screenshot Camera Placement User Interface

Global Security & Engineering Solutions' Camera Placement Service (CPS) rapidly and easily simulates camera placement for optimal surveillance coverage, and calibrates the cameras to a three-dimensional (3D) model for use in Video FlashlightT.

The service provides an exceptional cost-effective means to plan optimal surveillance coverage by placing virtual cameras on a 3D model to evaluate fi eld of view.

Virtual field of view, overlapping coverage, and obstructions are immediately evident to the user. Taking only minutes, the camera positions are then modifi ed to achieve optimal surveillance

After surveillance needs are satisfied, a camera placement report describing each of the individual camera's X-Y-Z location, orientation, and field of view is generated. This data is then used by the technical team responsible for installing the cameras.

Following the camera installation, the CPS is then used to calibrate the cameras by matching the points in the live video feed with the points in the 3D model. The CPS allows calibration of both fi xed and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras for use with Video FlashlightT.

The resulting camera placement data easily integrates into Global Security and Engineering Solutions' Video FlashlightT module. Video FlashlightT stitches multiple camera feeds into one seamless interface, greatly enhancing situational awareness, and improving information management and operational control..


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