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Video Flashlight T

  Video FlashlightT Benefits:

  • See multiple camera views on one screen in 3D context
  • Real-time 3D immersive display of the surveillance environment
  • Easy-to-use technology with intuitive user interface
  • Greater situational awareness, information management, and operational control
  • Mobile Flashlight provides users the ability to access and control any camera in the network, and to view real-time and recorded video with PDAs or laptops.

Video FlashlightT, one of three Praetorian system components, combines multiple video surveillance data feeds into a singlescreen, real-time immersive display of the total environment using three-dimensional (3D) imaging technology.

Whereas conventional CCTV surveillance systems are viewed on large banks of video monitors - making it nearly impossible to manage, understand, and respond to the volume of disparate information presented - Video FlashlightT enables operators to "virtually patrol" security areas easily, moving throughout the 3D environment. Users navigate from indoors to outdoors, and around corners, flying from rooftop to street level, to view both live and recorded video from different perspectives.

As an open-architecture, and scalable technology, Praetorian integrates
with virtually all video and sensor technologies and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) PC hardware and software.

Video FlashlightT Features:

Whether for Security, Training, Operations, Safety or Business Applications, Video FlashlightT enables the user to see the total picture, understand surveillance information in real-time, and act preemptively to stop or contain emerging threats.

System Specifications:
Video FlashlightT is designed to run on Microsoft® Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional operating systems. Typical deployments consist of:
Praetorian FlashlightT software

Remote Flashlight:
Minimum requirements for Remote Flashlight:

* Praetorian's Video FlashlightT software has been tested and works successfully on the HP ProLiant DL145 1U Rackmount Server.


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