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Praetorian's Integrated System

Today, operational readiness requires improved information management to maximize preparedness, prevention, and response. Unfortunately, legacy surveillance systems are
limited in their ability to show the total event, continuously monitor for suspicious behavior, and conduct quick forensics analysis. The recent proliferation and integration of cameras and sensors means only more data, not necessarily more intelligence or security. Superior operational readiness, then, lies in intelligent video and sensor systems that provide greater situational awareness and control, common operational environments, and 24x7 computerized monitoring.

Unlike conventional systems which overwhelm operators with multiple sensor and camera feeds on large banks of video monitors, Global Security and Engineering Solutions' intelligent surveillance system, Praetorian, empowers users to see the total picture, understand real-time surveillance information, and act preemptively to stop or contain emerging threats.

The turnkey software provides for swift, protective action in even the most complex and densely populated sites. When deployed, public and private sector operators can benefit from: greater information management and situational awareness; the ability to minimize costs; and, reduced liability, labor, and risk of loss.

As an open-architecture and scalable system, Praetorian integrates with many other surveillance technologies, including commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) PC hardware and software.

Video Flashlight Video FlashlightT

Hawk HawkT

VisionAlert VisionAlertT
Camera Placement Camera Placement Service

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The Vision Alert SuiteT, Video FlashlightT and HawkT System are being exported from the United States
in accordance with Export Administration Regulations (EAR) ECCN EAR 99 No License Required (NLR ).
The Praetorian Surveillance System is being exported from the United States in accordance with
Export Administration Regulations ECCN 5A992(a). Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.
In accordance with U.S. Law (Title 15 CFR Part 746 and Supplement No. 1 to Part 774; and
Title 31 CFR) resale/re-export or transfer to certain designated countries is prohibited
without the prior written consent of the U.S. Department of Commerce.