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Federal Government Solutions

United States federal agencies are employed to protect the physical, intellectual, and information technology resources of our country. The sheer number of federal facilities is formidable.  A wide variance in security applications has caused the federal government to employ additional resources for prioritizing critical infrastructures based on their importance and state of security.  Scarce budgets are allocated to the acquisition and installation of security technologies.  Standardization in vulnerability assessments has allowed each agency to anticipate, identify, and analyze risks.  The expectations laid out in the Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan and list of 37 Target Capabilities (www.dhs.gov) encourage designing systems which reduce risks and minimize the consequences of unexpected events.   

One of the most difficult security challenges federal agencies face is communicating information.  This is especially problematic in verbally transmitting data from CCTV-based command and control rooms to officers working in the field.  The command room operator loses the target after he moves off the screen, or the operator has missed a critical event due to typical distractions or loss of interest.  Fortunately, this is a simple problem to address.  Most facilities can capitalize on the video surveillance investments with software that provides true situational awareness through a common operational picture.

The Praetorian Intelligent Surveillance System consolidates disparate security technologies into a single interface.  Through the patented software, Praetorian improves observation and understanding and promotes deterrence of acts of violence or crime.  Praetorian's scalability allows for multiple sensor types to be added as the facility upgrades its monitoring and control systems. 

Praetorian is a video-based tool that provides constant vigilance using pixel-change detection algorithms.  The cost savings realized by using a 24x7 unbiased technology means that information will be reliable.  With fewer people working in the control room, their talents and skills can be put to use elsewhere.  Our technology makes forensics analysis a seamless process.  Recreating events takes seconds instead of hours. 

Each site is unique.  TheGlobal Security and Engineering Solutions (formerly SYColeman) vulnerability and risk assessment experts stand ready to help you design a customized security solution, based on Praetorian's state-of-the-art technology.


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