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Transportation Solutions

PRAETORIAN Creates a Virtual Perimeter Security Environment with 24/7 Vigilance
The Transportation Systems Sector is comprised of all modes of transportation: Aviation, Maritime, Mass Transit, Highway, Freight Rail, and Pipeline. It is a vast, open, interdependent networked system that moves millions of passengers and millions of tons of goods, and is critical to the Nation's way of life and economic vitality.

Ensuring its security is the challenge charged to all sector partners, including government (federal, state, regional, local, and tribal) and private industry stakeholders.

Global Security & Engineering Solutions (GS&ES) answers that challenge with the Praetorian Intelligent Surveillance System. Unlike conventional systems which overwhelm operators with multiple camera feeds on large banks of video monitors, Praetorian empowers users to see the total picture, understand real-time surveillance information, and act preemptively to stop or deter acts of terrorism, criminal activities and situations that could produce other liabilities issues liability. 

Praetorian's open-architecture provides superior video management and integrates with many legacy surveillance, security, and safety technologies.  The software suite consists of three separate, fully integrated modules and camera placement services that optimize camera coverage.

VisionAlertT - Intelligent Video Analytics - constantly monitor for suspicious behaviors Motion, breeched security area, , wrong way movement, left and unattended object, and loitering, .

HawkT - Situation Awareness - Integrated Surveillance Management Platform. It enables decision makers to implement decisions and control assets from a shared operational understanding - regardless of their location.  Key sites, such as airport perimeters, terminals, seaports, rail stations, fuel farms, and others can be integrated as a common site.

Video FlashlightT - Common Operating Picture technology that stitches multiple camera video streams into the industry's only single-screen 3D  display. The system enables the Operator to track the incident movement from all perspectives. All video is synchronized for rapid video playback across multiple camera views. Praetorian's Remote Flashlight capability allows users to access any camera in the network from a PDA or laptop, offering patrols greater situational awareness on the move.

Camera Placement Service - Enables camera placement optimization for surveillance coverage. Virtual cameras are located on a 3D model to evaluate enterprise coverage taking into consideration, field of view, overlapping coverage, obstructions, and blind spots. The Service validates the number and type of cameras used for comprehensive surveillance and can be easily integrated into Video Flashlight.

Praetorian's turnkey software provides for swift, protective action in even the most complex and densely populated sites. When deployed, users could benefit from: greater information management and situational awareness; the ability to minimize terrorist threats; and, reduced liability, costs, labor, and risk of loss.


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